The Warmage guild represents the actual core and fabric of magic. With the use of many offensive and defensive spells at their command, a Warmage can lay waste to an entire area with little thought. They are intellegent and cunning and posess the ability to warp space and time around them. Warmages can summon servants to aid them in their battles as well as armor and weapons to protect themselves. The power of the Warmage is unequaled in the right hands, but be aware that with this great power comes great responsability and it can easily turn agenst you if you are caught off guard. You can find the Guild of the Warmage far south of the church, but be aware that many dangers lay between it and you. Before joining, one might consider possessing quite intelligence and be willing to sacrifice your ability to wield large weapons because power comes from the mind, not from the sword.


-- Reter The Grand Master Warmage.